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Revegetation Contractors

Based in North Queensland, Revegetation Contractors, a division of Burdekin River Pastures (QIDP0014), is renowned for its primary production, technical expertise, and practical experience in environmental contracting and can co-ordinate and implement environmental projects of any scale.


Revegetation Contractors’ mission is to make an environmental difference by implementing measures, practices and technologies for the protection and enhancement of the environment.

From the wet tropics in the North, to the dry tropics of the west, Reveg services Queensland, Northern Territory and northern New South Wales in Australia and to the South East Asian and Pacific regions.

A comprehensive service and professional approach to environmental contracting has meant the organisation undertakes environmental works for a number of industry sectors including

  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Urban
  • Commercial
  • Recreational
  • Transport
  • Defence

Quality Seed Supply

Revegetation Contractors grow a range of seed varieties for our projects, from grasses to edible tree crops.

Our seed is also wild harvested as native pasture seed from our own native pastures.

Revegetation Contractors grow, harvest, clean and install seed for our own projects to ensure we provide the most resilient landscape.



Grass Planting


Tree Planting

Straw Hay Mulching



Mangrove Rehabilitation



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