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Erosion Control

Erosion Control

Revegetation Contractors install a range of erosion control structures. The structures vary from weirs, retention and detention basins, shutes, reinforced banks, contour hedges, diversion banks, rock walls, gabion matresses and baskets etc.

Structures can be designed for either temporary or permanent positions. Suitability In all cases the use of any erosion control structure requires planning and design.

This is necessary to establish flows, erosion risk and site character. These, in turn, are used to determine appropriate material’s positioning and performance standards.

Site Preparation

Erosion Control Structures, by their very design, require good site preparation.


All structures have a life span and design function that is dependant upon site conditions. Some structures may require maintenance.


Erosion Control Structures are necessary in many cases to achieve the appropriate water flow and environmental standards.

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