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Revegetation Contractors



Our expertise in the physical, biological and chemical characteristics of soils, allows us to ascertain the appropriate requirements for the successful establishment of vegetative cover on your site.


Fertilising may be required where site conditions prevent the efficient establishment of a vegetative cover. Fertiliser can be supplied or spread in many ways, including simple agriculture spreading through ‘spinners’, truck or tractor mounted for application through water ie. fertigation and hydrofertilising. These techniques use water to transfer the fertiliser to the site.


The suitability of the different fertiliser spreading techniques is varied dependent upon outcomes and access. Should access be constrained, fertigation or hydrofertilising are commonly used.

Site Preparation

Prior to fertiliser application the soil’s physical and chemical character should be ascertained so as to determine the appropriate mix and amount of elements in the fertiliser. In many cases a broad-spectrum fertiliser may not provide the same results of a mix designed specifically for the site.


Maintenance fertilising is particularly effective in developing a strong vegetation cover.


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