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Grass Planting

Grass Planting

Through Burdekin River Pastures practical experience, we know that many Australian native grasses are suited to horticulture and revegetation. They are best established through a single virocell or viro tube planting of the grass.


Native grasses are suited to a range of sites and conditions. Specifically low maintenance areas such as traffic islands, garden beds, road verges, and waterways. Native grasses are suited to a range of soils, watering regimes and maintenance schedules. Generally they are very hardy.

Site Preparation

Establishment is best achieved by thorough site preparation, particularly the removal of competitive weeds and the development of a soil bed. Mulching also assists establishment.


Native grasses require establishment maintenance, basic watering and pest control. Thereafter, they generally require little or no maintenance providing high quality ecoagricultural solutions to any site.


The benefits of native grasses relate to the specific character of the species. However, they commonly provide aesthetic, low maintenance, economical and ecoagricultural benefits.

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