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Hydromulching – Hydroseeding – Spray Grass


Hydromulching provides an ecoagricultural advantage to your site. Hydromulching is a mulching process where water, mulch material, seeds, fertiliser, and a binding agent are put together in a slurry. The slurry usually has a type of tracking dye in it so the application technician is able to ensure even coverage of the hydromulch. This process is used as an erosion control technique on construction sites and is an alternative to traditional processes of sod or sowing seed.

Difference between Hydromulching and Hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding is the application of spraying seeds only. With hydromulching, there are a number of increased benefits, including a moisture reservoir for the seeds to germinate, the regulation of the soil temperature and prevents animals and birds from getting to the seeds before the seeds germinate. With the addition of the mulch and the binding agents, it allows for hydromulch to act as short term erosion control from rain and wind.

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Revegetation Contractors recommends Hydromulching for sites with limited access for machinery. It is particularly suited to revegetating steep banks such as the awkward slopes of creeks and drains and road batters. The special binders added to the slurry ensure the mixture adheres to the slope.

Site Preparation

Before applying the Hydromulch, Revegetation Contractors recommends that a soil test be conducted. A rough planting surface improves water infiltration, and this may be achieved by scarifying the surface with a comb blade on the grader.

On sites where growth is required immediately it is recommended that the slope be watered to achieve a saturated profile before hydromulching. Additional watering regimes will be designed to meet evaporation and transpiration levels.


If maintenance work such as irrigation is necessary, it should be set up prior to the mulch being sprayed. The irrigation should be designed to apply the water evenly without eroding the mulch. Applying maintenance fertiliser to the site after six weeks will provide the best results.


Hydromulching ensures the soil surface is offered immediate protection whilst providing an ideal environment for vegetation growth. Hydromulching can be applied to sites up to 300 metres away from vehicle access.