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Hydrostolonising is a process where “runners” or stolons of specified grasses are sprayed by a hydromulching unit on to the site to be grassed. The mixture is thoroughly mixed with water before being sprayed by a hydromulching unit on to the site to be grassed. Suitability Hydrostolonising is best suited for well prepared surfaces, such as football fields, sporting fields and golf courses – which all require quick or immediate vegetation cover – with high grade hybrid grasses.

Site Preparation

For best results, Revegetation Contractors recommends a friable soil surface to ensure the Hydrostolonising establishes successfully.


Maintenance watering and fertilising is essential for the establishment and survival of the live runners.


Hydrostolonising makes it possible to revegetate an area with hybrid grasses that cannot be grown from seed. The greatest benefit, however, is that the site can gain immediate or a nominated percentage of vegetation cover.

Hydrostolonising is also significantly more cost-effective than turfing and obtains the same results within weeks

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