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Seeding can be undertaken in a number of ways, dependent on the types of seed and soil preparation.


Drill Seeding and Air Seeding are among the techniques used. Where site circumstances – such as subdivisional areas – prevent a seed bed from being developed, Drill Seeding is recommended as this technique places the seed and soil together with minimal disturbance.

Where site conditions allow a seed bed to be developed – such as mining areas – air seeding is recommended. Air seeding allows the use of “fluffy seed”.

Air Seeding requires specialist equipment to be fitted to our 4WD tractors and tracked machinery for expert broad acre applications, where minimal impact on your crop or project site is important.

Seeding is a process where the surface of the soil is lightly tilled by disk, and a mixture of seed and fertiliser is placed below the soil’s surface. These processes all occur in the one tractor and drill pass.


Drill Seeding is particularly suited to revegetating flat, broad-acre areas such as subdivisions, road verges, footpaths, and sporting fields. The application of this technique is limited to four-wheel drive tractor access.

Site Preparation

The area to be Drill Seeded needs to be easily accessed by the tractor and drill and should be free of debris.


Irrigation is optional, however the best results are undoubtedly achieved by regular watering.


Vegetation cover is achieved relatively quickly. Drill Seeding has a high seed germination success rate because this method ensures seed contact is made with the soil. The application is also relatively inexpensive providing high quality production for low economic output.

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